Aires from Ibiza is born from a dream, from the result of a long way searching for something original, fresh and spontaneous.Aires is a firm conceived in Ibiza. In Aires we try to find, as well as a unique and genuine style, a creative and relax way of dressing, without disregarding

the charisma which characterizes Ibiza‚Äôs fashion. We design our dresses for the women of today. A woman without inhibitions, brave,a confident woman that enjoys expressing herself through the clothes she wears. All of our garments are entirely made in Spain. We use small sewing workshops which work in a traditional way, as opposite to  any mass


Jordi Ferrer is the creative mind behind the firm Aires from Ibiza. Born and bred in Badalona where he went to school until he was 13 years of

age and he started working in the family business  for the next 8 years. His inquisitive mind and the need of finding himself makes him take the big step of moving his life to Ibiza. It will be then when he starts getting in touch with his most creative part and when he will discover his new passion. His first steps towards this were linked to graphic design. Self-taught, he carried out several

projects until in 2009 he created Aires from Ibiza with Tatiana Henriques. A new journey and a new challenge. After 2 years both partners decide to take separate ways and it is then when the whole responsibility of the firm moves to Jordi. At that point he decides to give the brand

a change of direction until, slowly but surely he starts finding his own style, currently recognizable and defined by its sobriety, its earthly garments and the perfect fusion of sensual cuts.

Less is more, and this is clearly obvious in the

Aires from Ibiza collections.